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The lawyers in the Wills and Trusts group specialize in protecting our client’s health and  property while  the clients are  alive while helping to prepare a road-map  for distribution of property upon death. No planning job is too large or too small for the group. Sensitive family relationships are given special attention. The firm prepares estate plans for widows or widowers, single persons, married couples, gay or lesbian partners and even pets.

Attorneys practicing in this area:

Kenneth Bateman
Kurt Sommer
Mark Kriendler Nelson
B. Cullen Hallmark
Jacqueline Berg
Patrick Barry
Janet McL. McKay
Robert P. Worcester


200 West Marcy Street, Suite 129 | Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505.982.4676 | Fax: 505.988.7029 | firminfo@sommerudall.com

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