Zealously advocate for our clients
2000 Old Pecos Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87505 | Ph: 505.982.4676
  • What we do

    Sommer Udall Law Firm is a well-established regional law firm located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Founded in 1953, the firm primarily focuses on the practice areas of Estate Planning, Tax Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Employment Law, Business Law and Corporate Law.

  • How we do it

    Most solutions to legal problems require a grasp of a broad range of legal and technical expertise. As a result, our firm is more than a collection of lawyers; we are colleagues who rely on and consult with each other to provide a solution that helps our clients achieve the best results. As we learn about our client’s goals, we suggest strategies, estimate probable fees, propose courses of action likely to streamline the process, save costs and deliver the outcomes clients expect.

  • Why choose us?

    The firm’s deep roots in, and understanding of, Santa Fe, as well as our familiarity with northern New Mexico’s unique history and diverse population, make us well-positioned to zealously advocate our clients’ interests but also to offer insight and judgment that is unmatched in the region. We take pride in our desire and ability to move a client’s case forward expeditiously, pragmatically, and in as cost-effective a manner as possible.